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About Anywhere Products, LLC

Anywhere Products began in 2009 with a focus on improving enjoyment of outdoor property maintenance and recreational activities as a life experience. An extensive, generational family history of owning and maintaining protected forests and recreational properties in southern Indiana led to research of new tools that would reduce the time required for maintenance and improve the overall ownership experience. With a strong background in the distribution and development of power transmission products, Anywhere Products sought out the next generation of tools and technology that would improve the use and maintenance of land management and recreational pursuits in outdoor spaces. The value proposition of Anywhere Products is the exciting opportunity to introduce and support specialized, technologically advanced tools for the market in the midwest United States.

Anywhere Products and Spider Mowers:

Anywhere Products is excited to introduce Spider Slope Mowing technology to the areas of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. This product was discovered through the experience of maintaining a family property in Brown County, Indiana. This work required making trails in the woods, mowing steep slopes along the edges of a 5 acre lake as well as steep slopes and ravines along a gravel drive. Doing the work with a 4WD tractor or ZTR mower proved dangerous and quickly led to a review of alternate options. Applying the Spider Slope Mowing technology convinced us that more people need to know about this incredible tool. A Spider Mower will create a safer, more productive and better user experience when maintaining uneven slopes on outdoor properties. Spider Slope Mowers represents a key component of the Anywhere Products line up.

Anywhere Products Value Proposition:

Anywhere you live.

Anywhere you work.

Anywhere you play.

Our desire is to test, develop, distribute and provide service support for products that we would want to use ourselves in the world of outdoor work, fun and adventure. This often involves owning, testing and proving a product on our applications before offering to our customers. We ultimately desire to provide the level of communication and support that we would want from manufacturers ourselves. Our sales method is founded in a desire to provide the right tool for the application and to collaborate with our customers to identify their needs and the appropriate solution.

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